Node brings together the best in Australian and New Zealand motion, presenting a range of styles, tools, techniques, ideas, and approaches. It inspires us to explore a wider view of motion design, both in our own practice and with regard to our place in the design industries.

The connections we make with these techniques and ideas - and with each other - cause changes that will ultimately inform our own process of creation. 

The titles for Nodefest 2018 take these core ideas of Exploration, Connection, and Creation, and weave them together through the narrative of the Explorer, where each stage of the journey is only made possible by the steps preceding, and a successful outcome may not be visible when we first set out.

This distillation of "Explore, Connect, Create" became our narrative scaffold. The ambiguity of the Explorer's true nature and purpose provided the requisite symbolism for an allegorical journey, in which this traveller moves through a barren but familiar world, seeking connections in remote and difficult locations. The connections spark change, and these transformations ultimately empower an act of creation. The outcome of this final action is left to our imagination, in the moment when the Explorer tacitly acknowledges our presence, and prompts us to take the next step ourselves.


The design of the Nodefest titles saw us explore a range of new tools and techniques ourselves, in order to bring the character and environments to life and realise the level of detail needed. This included generation of realistic landscapes, use of 3D-scanned materials, new cloth simulation software, and adaptation of motion-capture data - all of which had not been used in the studio previously.
Interested in the X-Particles sand setups? XP-Guy™ Jason Poley has a breakdown and some
DOWNLOADABLE C4D files for you.

Special Thanks: James & Kim Cowen @ Yes Captain (Node Fest Founders)
and Echoic for the incredible music and sound design.

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