CNSDose - Blood Brain Barrier

Role - Designer, Animator, Compositor

Software - Cinema 4D, X-Particles, After Effects

I was asked by the crew over at CNSDose to help create a video to demonstrate the role the Blood Brain Barrier plays in anti-depressant medication dosing. Aimed at doctors, it demonstrates how CNSDose helps reduce trial and error in prescribing.  
I had a bit of a tight turn around with only seven days to deliver the final 3:20 video. I managed to source a model of the Blood Brain Barrier from Turbosquid (was surprised they had one to be honest!). I then re-textured and lit the scene.
We didn't want to give it an overly 'sciencey' feel, we also wanted to focus in on the Blood Brain Barrier, so we thought having it in a bright, white space would work well.
I used the Mograph module with some added dynamics in Cinema 4D to create the blood stream. I also used X-Particles to create the particles that emit from the ATP Transporters and dissolve in the Cerebrospinal Fluid. I know science words now!! 
Overall it was a really fun project and was really great working with the team at CNSDose. 

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